Etsy Shop Preview September 30, 2011

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I’m working furiously on getting everything in order for the shop, but I’d like to take a minute to post a few of the items I’m most excited about. All the wirework in these items was done by hand – chains, clasps, findings, everything!


Bird's nest ring

Nest of copper and silver with freshwater pearl eggs

The robin’s nest ring is one of the first things I made after starting to work with wire. I love the aesthetic but it’s a little too big for me to wear – just not my style.





Medieval Scroll ring

Silver medieval scroll ring

This ring was inspired by a bracelet I liked. Wrapping all those curves took forever!

Falling Leaves earrings

Earrings of silver, natural stone, and glass leaves

I love these Falling Leaves earrings, and I get lots of compliments on them. Hammering the silver frames really gave them a cleaner look!


Redhead necklace

Natural stone, Czech glass beads, copper wire necklace

I made this necklace for myself after finding the large bead in a bead store bin. It reminds me of a redhead with green eyes, hence the title – Redhead Necklace. I also have matching earrings. I’m a little hesitant about selling this one!


Thebes Tassel

Antiqued brass wire, natural stone, Czech glass beads, brass bead necklace

This is the first item I made specifically to sell, and the one I most recently finished – the Thebes Tassel necklace. Inspired by the tassel trend we’ve been seeing all year, I wanted to try my hand at making one of wire. In the end, it reminded me more of an Egyptian headdress of some sort, so I named it the Thebes Tassel.


3 Responses to “Etsy Shop Preview”

  1. xoxoxlittlej Says:

    the wire-work is amazing. i’m just starting to get into making jewelry and i love seeing what people make. its inspiring :)

  2. catart58 Says:

    I want one of those rings! Tell Sarilyn! Lol!
    Birthday is coming soon! ;o)

  3. […] trend I’m loving, and I touched on this one a few days ago, is tassels. The tasseled loafer and purse thing is just not for me, though, so I combined trends […]

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