All Wired Up October 7, 2011

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Since I started making jewelry, there’s been one book that I go back to again and again for great tips and how-to’s. That book is All Wired Up, by Mark Lareau. In fact, I’ve had this book checked out from the library for over four months – I just can’t bring myself to return it, just in case I need to review something! I suppose at this point, I should just buy it. I’ve read a lot of wireworking books over the past several months, and no other book has covered the basics of wire jewelry making as clearly and completely as this one. From choosing your tools and materials to more advanced wirework like cages and setting cabochons, this book is a thorough crash course in wire techniques. (My only complaint – the one thing I wish he would have included – is jump rings. A simple technique, but so important, and I’m not sure why they were omitted.)

The simple, line-drawn illustrations are clear and easy to follow. The book is written in a friendly and conversational style that makes it a pleasure to read – educational and entertaining, to boot! Included as a bonus is a full-color section of great wirework examples from various artists, which serves both as inspiration and motivation. If you’re interested in learning to make jewelry, I cannot recommend this book enough!