Fav Baby/Kid DIY Sewing Tutorials October 18, 2011

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Tonight, I’m working on a Halloween costume for my son – he’s going to be an Ewok. Last year, through some errors but great customer service from, we ended up with two meerkat costumes – one of which is just the right size for him to wear this year. With a little bit of  upcycling, I’m using my old homemade Moby wrap for the other half of the costume. If it turns out, I’ll make another post on that. (Here’s hoping! I don’t want to buy a new costume this year!)

Anyway, this got me thinking about some of my favorite projects I’ve taken on in the last two years, and a few I haven’t tried yet. In no specific order:

Upcycled Boy's Hat

It looks adorable, when he keeps it on!

Upcycled hats– These adorable hats are made with old t-shirts. I even ended up making one for my husband, and lined it in fleece (though I haven’t seen him wear it yet!) Here’s my son in one.

Upcycled wool soakers (waterproof covers to go over cloth diapers)- I made several kinds, and they all work great. Just be sure to use totally natural wool – the cashmere soakers and longies  I made are super soft, and the merino wool and lambswool soakers are very absorbent. This is a great use for sweaters that were accidentally tossed in the dryer. You can also find cheap ones at thrift stores – some small holes are okay, if you can cut around them. Be sure to lanolize them before you use them! Here are two different tutorials: longies, and shorties.

A big list of boy’s clothes – I haven’t gotten around to making any of these yet, but several of these are on my to-do list!

Loads of (mostly free) felt food patterns and tutorials – I’m going to start making these once I think The Boy won’t try to eat them…